Burleson Church of Christ
  • 10655 U.S. Highway 278
    Hamilton, Alabama 35570

Burleson Church of Christ

Visiting a new church can be intimidating. When you visit the Burleson church, you will find us to be a friendly and diverse group. We have people of all colors from all walks of life. There’s no pretense here. We are what we are… People who love God and one another trying to help each other get to heaven.

On an average Sunday, you will find 60-70 people assembled for worship. Our small (but growing) church family is made up of factory workers, school teachers, auto mechanics, engineers, lawyers and retired folks. On Sundays, you won’t find many men in suits and ties. Most wear slacks or jeans. Our ladies wear dresses or slacks. Not because we are trying to create some false sense of being casual, it’s just who we are.

We believe our size works to our (and your) advantage. You won’t slip in here or get out unnoticed! You can expect to be sincerely and warmly welcomed when you arrive, and you can expect folks to talk with you afterward and thank you for coming.

For a small church, we have a large (and growing) group of young people from the cradle roll class to high school. We have enough babies to have a staffed nursery The majority of our members have been with us less than 15-20 years. Thus, there’s no sense of hierarchy or entitlement here. Just family. And our family would love to me you!